Better or Worse with Mike Connors

When it comes to real estate, Jill and Mike could talk all day and never get bored. That is why he is back and is now an official regular of the show. Mike explains why agents need to remember that they are not the decision-maker, and it’s never their job to sway somebody one way or another. Plus, Mike describes the importance of letting your clients know the true market value of their house. Later, Jill and Mike will discuss how much the market has changed since their last discussion in February. Is it better or worse? Take a listen and find out!

In This Episode:

  • [03:10] As an agent, you have to remember that we’re not the decision-maker, and it’s not our job to sway somebody. 
  • [09:10] Where is the marketing going? Mike gives his insight.  
  • [13:40] Find ways to make yourself stand out in this crowded market.  
  • [20:30] The cost of goods changes so fast that builders aren’t charging until they have finished the job.  

Key Takeaways:

  • Be honest with your clients and let them know the true market value of their house. 
  • Anyone that gives a definitive answer about where the market is going then they are kidding themselves. 
  • No one truly knows where the market is going; keep busting your butt and get work done! 
  • When you present your offer, send a short video introducing yourself with the specifics of your offer.

Meet Mike Connors:

Mike has lived in Kansas City for the past 25 years. Prior to becoming a real estate agent with Keller Williams, he spent 15 years as a regional manager with two leading medical companies. It’s during these years that he developed his client-centric mentality and overall sales philosophies. After years of driving winning behaviors from his sales teams, Mike now embraces that same attitude for himself. Mike played college and semi-pro baseball and roots for the Royals and Chiefs. His biggest joy these days, however, is not traveling for work anymore and instead spending time with his family. 


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