Real Estate Inspections with Sterling Reid

Your home is your castle; why not inspect it like one? Today, I am lucky to have Sterling Reid join the show. He is the proud owner of The Inspection House, a company founded on training and technology. Sterling believes that the status quo is not acceptable for potentially the largest purchase of someone’s life. That’s why he utilizes drones and infrared equipment to provide the highest-quality home inspections. Sterling gives tips for homeowners who are looking to sell. First and foremost, always seal your windows! Tune in as Sterling gives more home inspection tips for sellers and common repairs sellers must fix after a home inspection.

In This Episode:

  • [02:45] Sterling speaks about how he started in the crazy real estate world.
    [06:00] Tips for taking a buyer through their home inspection.
    [10:00] The reason you may need a further evaluation from a structural engineer after a home inspection.
    [14:30] Roofs are a significant deal – don’t skim over this part of the inspection.
    [20:05] All about the technology that Sterling utilizes with his company, The Inspection House.
    [25:40] The Fast & Furious Round with Sterling.
    [32:15] If you’re thinking about selling a house, Sterling gives tips on what you should check on every year to do well on an inspection.

Key Takeaways:

  • When it comes to house inspections, there is no pass, and there is no fail. 
  • During a house inspection, most likely, an inspector will spot a problem. However, all problems can be fixed.
  • As a homeowner, make sure the windows are sealed. If the windows are not sealed, leaks will happen. 
  • Homebuyers should not demand that sellers fix everything in an older home.

Meet Sterling Reid:

Sterling Reid is no stranger to the world of real estate. At one point he was a Realtor but is now the proud owner of The Inspection House. He started his company 4 years ago with a passion for going beyond the average. The Inspection House prides itself on superior and prompt service to all of their clients.


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