Custom Build Baby Build

John Szczsponik formed Millennial Design Build, intending to make the home-building process a more quality-driven, transparent, efficient, and cost-effective experience. The first meeting that John has with clients interested in a custom home is all about building a relationship with them. Most builders do not focus on relationships with the client. That’s one way Millennial Design Build stands out; they vet clients by first-time interactions. Tune in as we talk about modern trends in home building, how garages are making a comeback, and John answers some fun questions!

In This Episode:

  • [01:05] About John Szczsponik. John speaks about the importance of making home-building more efficient. 
  • [07:05] How John helps people get from A to Z when it comes to building a home.  
  • [09:50] What John was like growing up and the inspiration behind his career. 
  • [17:10] The trends that are making a comeback in modern homes.  
  • [27:40] How clients can pick out all of their selections in a home and see it in a visual.

  Key Takeaways:

  • Build a relationship with your client and feel comfortable about who you are working with.
  • Building a family home is an emotional investment for people. 
  • There’s a lot at stake when working with clients; word of mouth can be a complete game-changer for your business.
  • If you don’t think you gel with your clients, then it’s best to part ways as soon as possible.

Meet John Szczsponik:

John Szczsponik has a diverse background working in both residential and commercial real estate. After graduating from the University of Texas at Dallas with a finance degree, he began his career working in Capital Markets for JMJ Development; however, shortly after being introduced to residential construction thru a mentor, John soon realized his true passion and formed Millennial Design Build with the goal of making the home building process a more quality-driven, transparent, efficient, and cost-effective experience. In Mr. Szczsponik’s efforts, the Millennial Team provides a one-stop-shop for clients by providing Architecture, Interior Design, and Construction Services.



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