Where It All Began

Giuseppe ‘JP’ Piccinini, owner and founder of JPAR Real Estate, joins the show. He speaks about the inspiration behind his business and the journey behind his industry-disruptive company. We talk about how JP started JPAR Real Estate by utilizing social media. However, lately, JP has been spending four hours a day on social media. So, he ended up deleting his Facebook and Instagram accounts. If you use your account for business purposes, then post, comment, and get off. If you keep your social media, make sure what you see is benefiting you in business or life. Tune in as we talk about why JP’s daughter doesn’t ask him for anything.

In This Episode:

  • [00:45] About Giuseppe ‘JP’ Piccinini
  • [05:10] The inspiration behind JPAR 
  • [11:50] How Jill knows Garth Brooks 
  • [15:15] The reason JP deleted his social media accounts
  • [19:40] Why JP’s daughter doesn’t ask him for anything

  Key Takeaways:

  • You don’t have to sit there and scroll on social media for hours. Post, comment, then get off.
  • Slow down and value the people that are in your life. 
  • When you’re passionate about what you do, you’ll be successful. 
  • If your client doesn’t understand that you also have a life, they are not the client for you.

Meet Giuseppe ‘JP’ Piccinini:

Founded in 2011, JPAR Real Estate was born out of a simple concept, supply real estate agents with everything they could possibly want or need in a brokerage. Having himself been a top producing agent, Owner/Founder, Giuseppe ‘JP’ Piccinini, would lay the foundations of his industry-disruptive company based upon two critical components: productivity & service.

In just nine years, with over 3,250 agents across the US, 200+ joining each month, and having sold over 50 franchise locations….the best is yet to come! 

JPAR.com. https://vesuviushld.com/

JPAR: https://www.jpar.com

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