Exploring Home Inspections with Mike Conners

Join us today as I visit with Mike Conners, a realtor in Kansas City and author of the book, Things You Didn’t Know You Didn’t Know About Real Estate. Today we will dive into the pros and cons of having a home inspection. When the housing market was “hot,” buyers had to forego a home inspection to close the deal. Learn why that is not the case in most markets and what top five areas should always be inspected. Mike shares the advice he gives his clients, both sellers, and buyers. Don’t miss this episode of For the Love of Real Estate.


  • [02:29] Mike is an advocate of both buyers and sellers having home inspections
  • [05:06] Mike feels that real estate agents should prepare their clients for what could happen without an inspection
  • [10:03] The five parts of a home that should have an inspection
  • [14:45] Mike identifies the reason why buyers did not have home inspections a year ago
  • [19:00] The trend in building homes in Kansas City and why the footprint and floorplan make a difference in the price
  • [24:42] New construction and the need for a punch list and inspection


A home inspection before you purchase a home is a good use of money. There are hidden aspects of the mechanics of a home that you never see in a walk-through. You cannot over-inspect.

Sometimes you need to walk away from purchasing a home you love only because of the work and expense involved in fixing all the defects.

A home inspection will give insight on what is going with the house at the time of inspection, but the report can be used as a punch list in that first year to make sure the buyer takes care of the little things that could need attention later if not addressed.   



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Mike has lived in Kansas City for the past 25 years. Before becoming a real estate agent, he spent 15 years as a regional manager with two leading medical companies. It’s during these years that he developed his client-centric mentality and overall sales philosophies. After years of driving winning behaviors from his sales teams, Mike now embraces that same attitude for himself. Mike played college and semi-pro baseball and roots for the Royals and Chiefs. However, his biggest joy these days is not traveling for work anymore; instead, he spends time with his family.

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