The Burn Show

What is the definition of love? The definition of love is sacrifice. If you love a lot, you sacrifice a lot. Think about the things that you love. For Jill, she loves the sense of home. Jill speaks about the experiences that make her a better agent. Moving is never easy! If you have ever moved, you know what it’s like – it can be scary and overwhelming. Later, Jill speaks about how real estate has changed drastically in the last ten years. What you think you know about real estate might not be what you should know about real estate. Tune in as we talk about how realtors can be vulnerable and how real estate is like marriage.

In This Episode:

  • [00:50] Why Jill named the show For The Love of Real Estate. 
  • [12:00] How Jill reinvented herself as a real estate agent.   
  • [15:40] The ways real estate has changed in the last ten years. 
  • [22:30] Realtors can be vulnerable too. 
  • [28:40] We are currently in a seller’s market 

  Key Takeaways:

  • Home is always where your family is at. 
  • It’s hard to move; if you know this, it will make you a better real estate agent.
  • It’s essential to know how to navigate the world of real estate if you are in the buying or selling stage of your life. 
  • It can be dangerous to sell your house by owner.

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