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For the Love of Real Estate with Host Jill Elliott, a Broker Associate with @properties Christie’s International Real Estate in the Dallas/Fort Worth Area, is a podcast that will give insight to what the home buying and selling process really means in today’s world.  But it’s more than that…As a radio personality in her previous life for 22 years, Jill has been dreaming of putting her two loves together, radio and real estate, and it’s finally happening.  

For the Love of Real Estate is about a love for this business – because – it’s not just about selling a house. It is about selling one of the 3 basic needs in life, shelter.  This show is a candid yet informative look at the world of real estate today.  Let’s face it—-real estate has been around forever but one thing’s for sure…..It has changed dramatically over the past 10 years in a way that not many would have ever imagined. 

Join Jill as she shares observations, insights, and gets real about how people’s personalities and expectations play a big role in the buying and selling process. She’ll delve deep with other Industry experts and discuss the mindset you need to purchase a home. She’s going to have you asking yourself, “For the love of real estate, should I tackle my fears and buy, rent, sell or remodel?”   

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