Real Estate Adventures with Jill & Bill

What makes buying and selling a home different from selling properties owned by corporations? It’s the emotional connection. When a house is tied to kids growing up there and fun memories in the yard and around the table, the tendency is that it is well taken care of and people would like to buy it more. Join Jill as she interviews Bill Celler, radio personality turned realtor in the Atlanta area. They discuss the emotional connection to selling a house, the Atlanta area being a seller’s market, how COVID-19 makes people spend more money on their home and so much more. 

In This Episode:

  • [03:59] Bill Celler reminisces his years in the radio industry and how some of his listeners have become buyers 
  • [05:17] The importance of the trust factor when dealing with clients  
  • [05:54] The emotional connection to selling a house 
  • [10:58] The difference between the cosmetic of the house and the bones of the house  
  • [14:00] How Bill’s former job made him a better agent
  • [22:12] Updates on Bill’s kids 
  • [31:02] A description of houses in Texas and how it is different from the ones in Atlanta
  • [33:21] How a pool adds value to a house
  • [35:09] How COVID has affected the housing market in Atlanta

  Key Takeaways:

  • The emotional connection to a house is what makes buyers want to buy your house.
  • There is a rewarding feeling of helping people find that next place to live in.
  • COVID has made people spend more to make improvements on their houses.
  • As far as the housing market goes, the Atlanta area has done well during COVID.

Meet Bill Celler:

For those who may remember, Bill Celler was the Afternoon Drive DJ for KICKS 1015 in Atlanta for 25 years. 

He truly believes that there is that perfect home for everyone. He is proud to say that he raised his family in the West Cobb area with his kids graduating from McEachern and Harrison High Schools. He has been a part of that community for over 30 years.

Bill’s Work Phone: 770-240-2004

Bill’s LinkedIn Profile: 


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