The Roaring 2020’s of Real Estate – Market Trends with Mike Conners

Buying a house is personal and the best time to buy is when it is best for you, personally. Today, I talked with Mike Conners to discuss the crazy past few years in real estate, the current market, and what to expect in the near future. We discuss how Covid-19 and the recent boom have impacted the market. As things start to normalize and federal rates continue to rise, it is important to be prepared. Listen in as Mike shares advice on how to set yourself up for success.


  • [01:41] How the last two years have changed things for Mike
  • [05:32 The benefit to continuing to love your house and keeping it up
  • [09:51] Going back to some old tools and products for buyers in the current market
  • [14:23] Rates depend on you
  • [19:37] The upcoming struggle real estate agents may face
  • [27:11] How to get ahold of Mike


  • The real estate market is back to a more “normal” pre-covid market.
  • Interest rates depend on the individual. It may take time and steps, but you can work for the loan you want.
  • With an upcoming shift in the market, it is critical for realtors to continue reaching out to their databases. There will be many leaving the field and you need to spread the word that you are still available.


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Mike Conners has lived in Kansas City for the past 25 years. Prior to becoming a real estate agent, he spent 15 years as a regional manager with two leading medical companies. It’s during these years that he developed his client-centric mentality and overall sales philosophies. After years of driving winning behaviors from his sales teams, Mike now embraces that same attitude for himself. Mike played college and semi-pro baseball and roots for the Royals and Chiefs. His biggest joy these days, however, is not traveling for work anymore and instead of spending time with his family.

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